1. Lemon and Lavender Salt Soak

As a busy adult, I had forgotten about the magic of baths, until one day I was housesitting for a friend who had a big beautiful tub I couldn’t resist. I was surprised to discover just how soothing, satisfying, and utterly relaxing a nice, long, warm bath could be, and vowed to stop neglecting my tub. To really up the relaxing benefits of a bath, throw in a salt soak featuring your favorite herbs or essential oils. It turns out that you don’t need to pay big money at a store—salt soaks are easy and cheap to make yourself, and it’s fun!

Try this recipe for a lemon and lavender salt soak.

2. Glitter Sensory Bottles

When you feel a case of sensory overload coming on, simply shake a glitter bottle and get lost in the all-encompassing tiny universe of stars. These bottles are great for anxiety relief as they give you something to focus your thoughts and energy on. Make one for yourself, or for a child—they’re great at any age!

Try these instructions for easy DIY rainbow glitter bottles.