Who are we?

We are a group of Year 10 students based at The Appleton School and we have come together as a group to form our own business called UNICO for one academic year as part of the Young Enterprise Company programme. We are all 14-15 years old and this is our first time running a business.

Managing Director: Deanna Lendor

Finance Directors: Latisha Daniel + William King + Mo Plavko

Marketing Directors: Amie Waller + David Nguyen + Finley Breach

Sales Directors: Lucy Shapland + Oliver Whittaker

Operations Director: Holly Prior

Human Resources Director: Angel Emeny

ICT Director: Rigg Slater

Social Media Director: Finley Breach

What is Young Enterprise?

Young Enterprise is the UK’s leading enterprise and financial education charity working with young people aged 4 to 25. It teaches students the vital aspects of running a successful business. Young Enterprise offers students a journey, from gaining knowledge, learning skills and changing attitudes.

Why are we doing Young Enterprise?

We are doing Young Enterprise in order to gain knowledge on creating, running and promoting a business. We are also doing it in order to prepare ourselves for future life. This experience gives us excellent opportunity to improve our communication, listening and leadership skills. It also gives us the opportunity to apply what we learn in lessons to a real life business situation.

What do we do?

We attempted to create products which will help teens and young adults deal with stress and self-love issues.  We created a stress + self love activity book, which we feel is ideal for teens to do on the go, or in their bedrooms; where they usually spend the most time. We will also be selling complementary products such as scented candles, which can be customised at trade fairs, as well as mini bottles of lavender oil, which has an endless amount of health benefits.