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What products do we create and sell?

Here at UNICO we create a large range of products  designed to help people, teens in particular , deal with being stressed or low self-esteem. These include an activity booklet, customisable candles, lavender oil and when we expand, wooden plaques . All designed by teens, for teens. The book is perfect for occupying yourself, excluding the damage caused from looking at bright screens. Furthermore, the lavender oil we offer has an extremely relaxing scent, whilst also being capable of treating anxiety, hair loss, fungal infections and even healing wounds  .


A list of prices can be found below:

-Stress and Self-love activity book  >£3.00

-Lavender oil (10ml)  > £1.50                                        – Customisable scented candles  > £2.50


-Decorative wooden plaque  >£3.00                                                       -Stress ball >£1.50


-‘Sit back and relax hamper’ > £6.00

^ Includes : Activity book + Lavender oil + scented candle+ stress ball+ sweets/chocolate^

Product range expansion:

After selling a sufficient amount of our existing products, we’ve  developed a range of decorative wooden plaques, using the money made. Perfect for displaying around the home. When designing these decorative plaques we aimed for them to be modern yet simplistic, and ideal to hung in teenage bedrooms.